The Oregon Masonic Charitable Foundation


The Oregon Masonic Charitable Foundation (OMCF) is a 501 (c) 3, and its mission is to support and sustain the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MMSAP). MMSAP is a school-based early intervention program for elementary school, middle school and high school aged students.

MMSAP involves the whole school community and trains the staff how to identify and assist students whose behavior, attendance, health and/or academic performance indicate they may have problems threatening their school success. These problems include learning disability, substance abuse, peer pressure, socialization issues, dysfunctional family situation, and school environment.

Oregon, particularly the Willamette Valley has the distinction of being a Federal-designated High Drug Trafficking Area. Pervasive drug abuse, unemployment, and increased pressure from academic rigor and peer issues have put hundreds of more children at risk. Research confirms that the likelihood of using drugs/alcohol is determined between the ages of 8 and 11. MSAP is one more tool in an educator’s toolbox to provide a comprehensive and optimal learning environment.

To date over 700 educators, administrators, and school staff have completed the three-day Oregon MMSAP Training. Toi Gleason after receiving the training wrote, “I’m inspired and determined that we, as a team, can make a difference in the lives of our students.” Jennifer Tymcheek says, “I’m so excited to go back to my school and use these ideas to help Children.” Executive Director William Lay writes, “Without an opportunity for support and education like this our job would be much more difficult. My staff have returned from your classes with energy and confidence. As a small non-profit we could not afford a training program like this.” These are just a few of the responses we have received from those who have attended the MSAP

The Masons of Oregon for 158 years have been members of a world wide social service fraternity that exists to contribute to the world through charity, and by actions that reinforce honesty, compassion and trust. Nationally, Masons have adopted MMSAP as a focus and in Oregon we wholeheartedly support the national commitment. The MMSAP three-day training can accommodate 60 people, and costs between $20,000.00 & $25,000.00, and is offered free of charge to the attendees. We believe so strongly in the training and its ability to enable educators that it should be a natural extension of their ongoing professional development. However, in unstable economic times where our schools have depleted professional development budgets our schools have difficulty affording time for teachers to be out of the classroom, let alone the registration and training material costs for MMSAP.