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Educational Assistance is for resident or nonresident children or grandchildren of a Master Mason (living or deceased) of a Lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction. The financial assistance is provided to aid the students in obtaining an education in public school, Kindergarten through 12th Grade, or post high school through age 22. Each application is reviewed by the Trustees of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon to determine eligibility.

The Educational Assistance funding comes entirely from the Educational Fund which is an irreducible fund established in 1950 to aid the families of Master Masons that are in financial need of assistance. Not a “scholarship” program, the Educational Assistance program was put in place to help families that are struggling to make ends meet. The amount awarded to each eligible student is based on the total income and expenses of the household in which the student resides.

If you know of a family in need, you should contact the Secretary of your Lodge to request an application. Your Lodge will then contact the Grand Lodge office to obtain the appropriate materials.


NOTE TO LODGES: How to apply

To begin the process for a new Educational Assistance case, the Lodge Secretary should submit a Form 30.1 – Request for Application for Educational Assistance. Once the Form 30.1 is received at the Grand Lodge, the appropriate application packet will be mailed to the Lodge. The packet consists of: Application, Affidavit, Appendix (for Post High School), and Lodge Investigation Forms. Applications are automatically sent to the Lodges that sponsored cases the previous year where children are still in the eligible category for the next school year. The Lodge should not ask for assistance from the District Deputy in the preparation of the application. He will be required to make a separate report and does not receive a copy of the Lodge report.

If there is a family that may qualify, but is living outside of the area of the Lodge that the sponsoring member belongs to, or is living out of state, assistance will be given in completing the application and report. If they live out of state, it is necessary to go through the Grand Secretary who will obtain assistance from another jurisdiction. The Lodge should never go directly to a Lodge in another state for assistance.

All completed materials will be reviewed for completeness by a Grand Lodge office representative and the Senior Grand Warden of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon. Once everything is in order the application materials will be presented to the Board of Trustees in the order they are received. For K-12, the entire application process must be completed and ready for review by Trustees of the Grand Lodge no later than December 31. The Post High school application process must be completed and ready for review by Trustees of the Grand Lodge no later than January 31. Typically, the applications are reviewed August through November – or until the funds are exhausted. After Board review, a letter is sent informing the Lodge and/or student of the approval, or denial, of the request.

Special note should be made of the statement on the application: “If granted, a committee of the Lodge will contact the child or children, and report regularly to the Trustees”. If at any time during the year circumstances change in the financial status, or if there may be large medical or dental bills, these fact should be reported for consideration of the Trustees.

The Educational Assistance checks are paid on the basis of the nine month school year for public K-12, and on a quarter or semester basis for post high school. The checks for K-12 sent from the Grand Lodge should not be endorsed over to the family but should be deposited to the Lodge account and a Lodge check drawn. The checks should always be delivered in person by a member of the Lodge where practical. The checks for post high school are sent directly to the recipient from the Grand Lodge.



Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Grand Lodge office at 503-357-3158.