With over 150 year history in Oregon, Freemasons celebrate history, tradition, and literature — and have quite the collection of books and artifacts on our longtime Forest Grove campus.

And so the Grand Lodge of Oregon envisioned this library and museum, open to the public and dedicated to the memory of Robert M. Richmond, a former Grand Master, and his love for books and pursuit of knowledge.

The one-story building includes a conference room, a flexible event space, a museum display of various masonic artifacts, and a private library collection of more than 1,000 lineal feet. A brick façade leads to a day-lit interior.

Access our digital archives with ease by visiting GLO.GoAlexandria.com

The space is open by appointment – call (503) 357-3158 to schedule a visit today.

If you have questions or items you’d like to donate, please contact our Library & Museum Chairman or call the Grand Lodge office.