The teachers present all agree it is a tremendous success!

Utilized nationwide since 1986, the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MMSAP) is designed to train school personnel to work as a team to identify the students in their care who they believe are “at risk.” The objective is early and effective intervention with those students who demonstrate patterns of behavior that could threaten their success in school. An at-risk situation could be a chemical dependency, depression, or suicidal thoughts and tendencies, etc.

In Oregon, MMSAP is a FREE three-day session, sponsored by our Masonic Family that welcomes K-12 educators in Core teams of 5-7 members (administrators, teachers, school nurses, guidance counselors, etc.) The intensive training involves practice sessions designed to simulate real events. Comprehensive programming covers prevention, identification and assessment, intervention, treatment, and aftercare.

The student assistance program is designed to —

  • Assist young people,
  • Focus on educational concerns,
  • Improve the climate of schools,
  • Work with existing human resources, and
  • Provide essential linkage to local and state agencies.


Registration for each session closes one week before the event and space cannot be reserved, so register early to confirm your place.

Register below or learn more with our 2020 information packet.

Need more information before registering? Contact Program Coordinator, Kristen Steltenpohl.