With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting Oregon and the world, we know that many members may find themselves in need. In order to help Master Masons affected by the coronavirus, the Grand Lodge has created a special Distressed Masons of Oregon Relief Fund, under the management of MasonicAid. Public programs may help with unemployment and some financial assistance; but we’re here to help fill in the gaps. 

This is for relief needs directly related to the hardships caused by the virus and its economic impact. This could be for COVID-related medical needs, rent, groceries, and utility payments. The goal is to help our members wherever a genuine need exists. 


These emergency funds are available to all resident Oregon Master Masons with 5+ years of good standing. However, should you find yourself in need as a result of COVID-19, please do not hesitate to submit a request for assistance. This emergency financial assistance can be applied for when other options have been exhausted. 

To qualify, you must: 

  • Demonstrate an immediate financial need
  • Be willing to apply for all eligible public benefits and resources
  • Be willing to complete an application and provide any supporting documentation, as requested